Proper Care & Maintenance

Please treat your newly finished piece of furniture as you would a fine fabric or antique – with respect!

You will continue to enjoy the look and feel of your finely finished furniture for years to come. All Union Jack Chestwater-based furniture finishes need 5 - 21 days to cure (or even longer if there are several layers of wax). Treat it with care during this period and avoid excess handling.

Do not place water glasses, sharp or scratchy objects on it.

When cleaning, use a soft dry cloth.

To obtain best results when removing unwanted stains, use a slightly damp cloth or chamois with mild soap and water; do not use any abrasive products or tools.

Avoid all contact with liquid furniture polishes and spray polishes.

Emperorssilk_image1Avoid excessive water; wax is by nature water resistant but will spot if not wiped immediately.

Use placemats and coasters on tabletops.

Wax is alcohol soluble and should not be used in bar areas.

A moderate climate is best; avoid extreme heat and cold, as well as excessive moisture or dryness.

FINALLY... Thank you for taking the time to learn the proper use and application of Chalk Paint™ and complimentary products such as Soft Clear Waxes and Dark Rustic Wax. We hope that you enjoy your experience with Chalk Paint™.

Should you have any questions or concerns we would love to hear about them and provide feedback and tips. Please contact us and include a photograph where possible.