Who is Annie Sloan?

By leading the decorative painting revolution over the last 20 years, Annie Sloan has become perhaps the world’s most respected expert in decorative paint, colours, and techniques. Alongside her unique and versatile decorative paint, Chalk Paint™ , Annie has inspired generations with her accessible, lively, and creative approach to getting great results.

Annie Sloan at homeAnnie’s fine art background and contagious enthusiasm for decorative painting has motivated both home painters and experienced professionals and unlocked countless creative potentials. She has travelled Europe, North America and Australasia sharing her love for paint and colour, and teaching her techniques for home decoration, through sold-out lecture tours and intimate workshops. She has also published over 20 books on decorative painting, selling more than 2 million worldwide.

The Annie Sloan range is synonymous with excellent results that are easy and fun to achieve. Her products are exclusively available through Annie’s network of independent Stockists who are located all over the world.



Chalk Paint™  decorative paint by Annie Sloan has helped millions of people find their inspiration, expression and creativity. Through Annie’s long-standing devotion to sharing knowledge and techniques, Chalk Paint™ has become widely recognised for its superior quality and integrity, and the authenticity of the results it offers. In the process, it has become far more than paint – it’s a hugely versatile tool for transformation, a community of ideas, and a much-loved phenomenon the world over.

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There is only one Chalk Paint® but it offers endless possibilities