Starting Saturday August 13, 2016, ArtHaus150 hours for Saturday will be 10:00AM - 4:00PM

Mini Project Pack Price - $95.00 + HST
"In-Store Special Only!"
Traditional Chalk Paint ™ Bundle Price - $139.95 + HST
"In-Store Special Only!"
Awesome Chalk Paint ™ Bundle Price - $219.95 + HST
"In-Store Special Only!"


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Annie Sloan - Stockist logos - Chalk Paint - Aubusson
Chalk Paint ™ Workshops
NEW Annie Sloan Product
Black Soft Wax & White Soft Wax

Black & White Soft Wax

 "The possibilities just grew exponentially!"

Click Here to see Annie Sloan's Videos using Black & White Soft Wax!

Check Out the Awesome Furniture at ArtHaus150!

Looking for something different for a Bridal or Baby shower?

Bridal Shower - Chalk Paint Shower

Bring the Bride or Mom-to-be along with your friends and learn to paint with Chalk Paint ™ by Annie Sloan!!

In one afternoon these fine young ladies who have never, ever used Annie Sloan's paint before, transformed several pieces of furniture that the newlyweds will enjoy in their future home. They created beautiful memories and some great pieces too!

Contact Us for more info!

Chalk Paint ™ - Waterloo Region's Only Retailer

Annie Sloan - Stockist logos - Chalk Paint - ArlesArtHaus150 & Kathie Jordan Design are the only retailers to carry Chalk Paint ™ in Waterloo Region.  We keep a healthy stock of all colours and supplies for your next project.

Remember...if it doesn't say Annie Sloan on the label, it's not Chalk Paint ™! 

Chalk Paint™ is also available at our New Hamburg location, Kathie Jordan Design. 

** Chalk Paint ™ is not a type of paint, but is a brand.  Click Here to learn more". 

Construction in KW?  
What construction?

ArtHaus150 is easily accessible, despite all of the construction.

Click the map below to see the easiest way for you to make it to ArtHaus150!

All roads lead to ArtHaus150

All roads lead to ArtHaus150

Workshops with the Master -  Jim Connelly

ArtHaus150 & Kathie Jordan Design are very excited to announce that Master Painter, Jim Connelly - from HGTV's Debbie Travis Facelift - will be conducting new and exciting workshops at Kathie Jordan Design & ArtHaus150!

More Dates will be coming soon for the Old World Finishes & Vintage Decoupage Tray Workshops with Jim Connelly


Chalk Paint Workshops | Jim ConnellyWorkshops with the Master - Jim Connelly at ArtHaus150 

Click Here to learn more about Jim Connelly!

Jim Connellly - Old World Finishes - April 2 201614

We had a blast!  We laughed, had fun, acquired a wee Scottish accent, and learned how to create an Old World Finish.


Summertime Blues 

Jim's been working really hard lately and has many projects on the go, so he's taking a little break and will be ready to start conducting more workshops in September.

Check back here after mid August and we'll be posting dates soon for workshops with Jim Connelly.

Corporate Team Building Sessions at ArtHaus150

“What if we moved beyond thinking with just the left side of our brain, and started incorporating skills from the right side?

Flexing the right side of the brain can dramatically improve decision-making, team building and innovation, and ultimately drive greater organizational performance.”

Click Here for Details!

Furniture at ArtHaus150

At ArtHaus150, we are continually on the hunt to bring in great quality built furniture and breathe new life into it.  We keep our pricing at budget conscious levels while providing high quality and unique pieces of furniture.

Click Here to see what we have in store!